Technical Clubs/Student Chapters

The department forum “Sangyartham”, which means ‘Collaborative progress’, is the techno-cultural wing of the Department of Information Science and Engineering. Under this banner the department has established Technical Clubs/Student Chapters to provide a Collaborative Learning Platform for the students. These clubs/student chapters are student driven bodies mentored by faculty coordinator.

Student chapters and clubs

  • IEEE Computer Society

    Computer Society (CS), is a technical and student chapter from IEEE, it dedicates itself to make progress on the areas related to computing.

  • Hack Club - By the students for the students

    Hack Club is a global network of programming clubs supported by GITHUB where members learn to code through tinkering and building projects.

  • Order of Satoshi - Blockchain Club

    Order of Satoshi focuses on cutting edge research and development in the Blockchain Crypto currency Ecosystem by conducting individual research in Distributed Systems, Cryptography, Crypto-Economics, MPC Systems etc.

  • Pursuit of 42 - AI Club

    "Pursuit of 42" aims at demystifying the concepts of data science and machine learning.

  • Literary forum - Erudite Club

    To help students develop a competent edge identifying their strength and enhance their knowledge in their respective areas of interest.

  • Competitive Coding Code Chef Student Chapter - Optimize Prime

    To nurture a positive competitive programming skill during the college days, helping them with their internships, placements and international collegiate programming championships.

  • Information Science Task Force – ITF

    ITF is a student driven body mentored by faculty with the mission of "Learn, Collaborate and Prosper". The main aim of the ITF is to provide the platform to the students to excel in emerging areas.

Activities conducted


Department of Information Science and Engineering in association with IEEE Computer Society Student Chapter organized ‘APPMITRA’, a coding Hackathon for all 1st to 3rd Year B.E (All Branches) and MCA Students of NMIT from 12th July 2021 and 13th July 2021.

Technical talk on "Deep Learning Models" – February 2020

Technical talk on "CESSA meets Machine Learning" – November 2019


TypeScript – Get Started – November 2020

Hacktober fest 2020 – October 2020

Ask Me Anything Session2– September 2020

React Three Fiber (Three JS) – September 2020

Conversational Bot using Discord + Dialogflow – September 2020

Webinar on Three.js+Blender – September 2020

How to setup the Best Portfolio – August 2020

Linux Administration – August 2020

Ask Me Anything Session1 - August 2020

A dive into Blender’s Basics – August 2020

HackBout – A Hackclub NMIT Hackathon – March 2020

Basic Training: Intro to Python skills for AI – Feb. 2020.

MLH Localhost Workshop on Python skills by Capital One- Feb.2020

Order of Satoshi

Ethereum & Solidity|Airmeet – September 2020

Blockchain 3.0 – February 2020

Getting Started with Blockchain and its Architecture – February 2020

One-day Hands-on Workshop on Enterprise Blockchain Hyperledger Development – November 2019

One day hands-on Workshop on “Decentralized Application and Smart Contract Development - November 2019

Pursuit of 42

Webinar on Data Science Roadmap for Beginners – October 2020

Understanding the Mist of Data Science – AI Club – October 2019.

PyTorch: Zero to GAN – November, 2019

US based AI training startupDataDrivenScience – April 2020,

InformationScience Task Force - ITF

InSpark Competition - June 2021

An Internal Hackathon for Smart India Hackathon 2020 – January 2020

InSpark Competition – April 2019

Introductory session for the 2nd Year students – October 2018

Ideathon – October 2018

On Spot Programming - October 2018

LaTex Training – March 2018

Competitive Coding

PrimeTime on CodeChef – August 2019

Literary forum

Inception – November 2019

HackBout – A Hackclub NMIT Hackathon