Nitte Amateur Satellite Tracking Center (NASTRAC) first of its kind in India

The ground station is the first and final terrestrial end of a communication link to an object in outer space. Wireless Communication is done with Satellites; hence the ground station serves as the access point on Earth. The Satellite sends the data to the ground station whenever it passes it. The main purpose of the ground station is to track and receive telemetry and payload data from satellite for health analysis, and also to control the satellite. The Ground Station includes hardware and software elements to transmit and receive information reliably. The system includes a computer programmed with orbital-prediction software compatible with the hardware for auto-tracking and a transceiver to transmit and receive command and telemetry data respectively.

Inaugurated by Dr. Radhakrishnan, Chairman ISRO, on 30 March 2010
Software is used to Track and receive data from amateur satellites
Design and Development of India's First Pico Satellite "STUDSAT"
Launch of STUDSAT on 12th July 2010 aboard PSLV C-15