Centre for Computational Fluid Dynamics

Some Of Our Success Stories

Undergraduate (BE, Mech) Projects completed at the Centre between 2010-2015

Sl.No. Project Title Year
1 Numerical Simulation of Flow past a Circular and  a Square Cylinder    2015
2  CFD Simulation of Conjugate Heat Transfer Problems 2015
3  CFD based  Design of a Low Speed Subsonic Open Circuit Wind Tunnel 2015
4 Three dimensional Turbulent flow past a 6:1 Prolate Spheroid 2014
5 Simulation of flow through a 90 degrees Pipe Bend 2013
6 CFD Simulation of a Low Speed Open Circuit Wind Tunnel 2013
7 Numerical Analysis of Turbulent Flow past a Delta Wing 2013
8 Numerical Simulation of Flow Field and Heat Transfer due to Laminar Natural Convection in a Non-Rectangular Cavity 2012
9 Numerical Simulation of 3DTurbulent Flow past Micro Air Vehicle Wings 2012
10 Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow through ducts with longitudinal variation of curvature and cross sectional area 2012
11 Numerical simulation of flow for a Turbulent Jet spreading in a Cross Flow 2011
12 Numerical prediction of turbulent flow in a Y- shaped duct junction 2011
13 CFD analysis of turbulent flow past Aerofoils of fixed-Wing Micro Air Vehicles 2011
14 Modeling of Fluid Flow in Centrifugal Casting using Fluidyn MP Software 2011
15 CFD analysis of two-dimensional flow past an Automobile 2010
16 Numerical simulation of flow through S-shaped  Curved Diffusers 2010


Project Title

Student’s name



CFD Simulation of Turbulent Flow past Aerofoils

Manjunath C 



CFD Simulation to Turbulent flow with Laminar to Turbulent Transition

Vashista G A



CFD Simulation of Turbulent flow past Biconvex Delta Wing

Linu Varghese



Numerical Simulation of Turbulent flow Through a 90 DEG Bend of a Duct

Raiju K Manuel



Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Incompressible  Flow In Twin Air-Intakes

Mohamed Saleem



Numerical simulation of 2D Laminar Natural  Convection in Non- Rectangular Enclosures

Satish G.



Eddy Viscosity based Turbulence Models for simulation of 2D Boundary Layer Flows

Sachin Kulkarni  



CFD simulation of Turbulent Flow past a Low
 Aspect Ratio Wing

Nuthan Prasad B. S



Numerical simulation of Turbulent Flow through a Y shaped Diffuser Duct Junction

Pavan K. N.



CFD simulation of Flow past a Double Slotted Aerofoil using Multi Block structured Grid

Chethan K. S. 



Numerical simulation of Laminar Flow and Heat Transfer around Circular Cylinder

Arunkumar G.L.