Student Testimonial

The Department of Information Science and Engineering at NMIT has played a pivotal role in bringing a culture of innovation to the campus, backed by sound technical skills. In addition to providing a strong scholastic foundation, the department encouragedus to develop multi-faceted skills, which are equally important once a student steps out to the real world. Under the able guidance of Dr. Sanjay H. A., the department has been steadily achieving newer heights with each passing year. An extremely conducive atmosphere is created for the students, enabling them to develop key skills towards making a foray into industry or towards higher academic pursuits.

I can affirm that my time at NMIT, especially at Dept. of ISE has had a significant positive influence on shaping my personality, building my opinions and realizing my aspirations. The faculty of the department are very approachable and supportive towards the interests of students. Likewise, the department is equipped with equally good infrastructure, curriculum and facilities. As proud alumni, I would highly recommend aspiring students to pursue their bachelor’s degree at the Dept. of Information Science and Engineering at NMIT, Bangalore.

Pruthvi N Shetty
Graduate Student | Computer Science
School of Informatics and Computing
Indiana University

My four years at NMIT has been an educational and inspirational joyride. The research projects that were given to us made me interested in the various developments in the field of cloud computing and distributed computing. The different academic events were eye openers to the technological advances. Apart from this, the environment of the college, the diversity of the students and the zeal of the teachers, all made my time at the department a memorable one.

Nikhil Nayak
Graduate Student | Computer Science
Manipal University

A man is born, reborn and again reborn. Each of these rebirths requires a special set of circumstances, people and events to accompany it.

While, I understand that nostalgia makes us sometimes overestimate the importance of past, there are some things which were unique to Nitte, to Information Science department which have helped me shape into who I am. The other day, when someone asked me "Describe yourself in a few words?", it took me a few minutes to collect my thoughts. And I realized, I was a bit of my HOD, a bit of my classmates in college, a bit of colleagues.

When I joined college back in 2007, like most middle class kids in India, Engineering to me it was a way out of lower middle class troubles. A job in one a big company and I would have been happy. The question of further studies was unanswered. I even considered an MBA degree. But, as fate would have it, the faculty in the college unearthed the treasures and joys of a scientific mind and a research taste. These are just of the examples where faculties have changed the way I think. I don't think apart from a few handpicked colleges you can expect a HOD, a learned man, to let you call him on his mobile phone at any point of the day, talk to you like a peer and rapping you in your knuckles if you cross the line, at the same time.

Like in any well meaning educational institution, academics did play a pivotal part in our life during the four years; most of the memories that still stay much cherished are the moments in our classroom. The ample opportunities to organize cultural activities, football, volleyball, interaction with seniors and juniors alike, Nitte provided it all.

If there was any regret that I still harbor, the B.E course has only 4 years!

Rahul V
Masters from IIITB
Currently working in CISCO (R&D).

I completed my undergraduate degree with a specialization in Information Science from Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology. I chose to study in Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology as it stood out above the rest. NMIT has a great reputation, and being an autonomous institute it has a spectacular curriculum. The courses offered in Information Science and Engineering Department suited my personal interests. The courses cover almost all the important facets of Information Science - Networks, Operating Systems, Computer Organization and Programming Languages etc.I have gained an good foundation in Information Science and that has served me very well.The ISE department has experienced faculty, who have always given personal attention to students.

They have provided good guidance and have played an important role in the completion of interesting academic projects. The faculty delivered content well and the coursework was always challenging. The department has excellent infrastructure, and the laboratory sessions provided a valuable occasion to put theoretical knowledge into practice. NMIT has good connections with the industry, and this helped me land a job at one of the leading organizations. I recommend Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology to any prospective student.

Sameer Ravi
Masters from Indiana University (USA),
Currently working in Amazon(USA)