Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Department of Information Science and Engineering at NMIT has created an ecosystem for promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship

ACHIEVEMENTS(3 Years Statistics)

Patent publications

Teachers In the department have 6 patent applications in the last few years in areas such as Requirements Engineering, scaling of virtual machines and a few more.

Student Entrepreneurs

Name of Alumni


Name of the Start Up

Nature of the Start-up

Mr. AnirudhAsokan


HavstruckSolutionsPrivate Limited

Software Development

Mr. Vinay G


UlphiTechnolgies, Bangalore

Software Development

Mr. Charan S Turme


Aamchi Media, Pvt. Ltd

Software Development

Mr. PranithHengavalli


BroCorp, Bangalore

Software Development

Mr. Sabari Prabaker


Globsol Innovations Lab Pvt. Ltd

Design and manufacturing of medical devices

Mr. Rohan G


Rohan Software Solutions, Bengaluru

Enterprise project development

Mr. Dhanush S,

Mr. Manjunath S


Octalabz, Bengaluru

Software Development

Technology Solution for COVID-19

NLP-based IVR chatbot- A one-stop Interactive Voice Response (IVR) chatbot hosted on an actual phone number (like Alexa or Google Assistant but on a phone call) to disseminate reliable news, stats, and safety measures to the public so as to curb confusion and rumors amongst the masses and make reliable information easily accessible regarding COVID-19.

TRAMAZO is a shopping cart with a sanitizer tank in it, it has a RFID tag which detects the items when put into the cart and adds that item to the bill, also the cart has an app gateway that allows the customer to schedule a meeting to avoid crowd and has sprayer that sprays the sanitizer on the items in the cart making sure that the items you take home are virus free. It also has ultrasonic sensors which give an alarm if it finds another tramazo nearby, allowing everyone to practice social distancing.

Innovative Students’ Projects

1. Smart India Hackathon 2019

2. MIT Bitcoin Expo 2020

3. Synd Innovate

4. Unisys Cloud 20/20

5. DHFL Fintech

6. EthIndia

7. UC Berkley- CalHacks

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