Research Labs

An Exclusive research facility has been provided for the benefit of doctoral students, postgraduate students and under-graduate students.

Advanced Computing Research Lab
Centre for Smart Things

Innovation Lab

We also have an incudation centre called The “IIGNIS Innovation Lab” to promote new ideas, experimentation and multi-disciplinary collaboration.

Laboratory Facility

The Department provides exclusive laboratories which provide hands on experience for students. These laboratories have:


A conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions have been designed, integrated audio–visual teaching aids for lectures, presentations etc. Special sessions and classes are also held on business etiquettes, negotiation skills, effective communication, leadership, teamwork and analytical skills. These classrooms are quite spacious, well furnished, ventilated and well lit. Our classrooms include:

Department Library

The library services are the cornerstone of the education system. The Department has its exclusive library which serves as a rich workspace for students support research and referencing.