Awards and Recognitions


International Award

A global online Ethereum hackathon, EtherPunk 2021 was a call to arms bringing together thousands of developers, industry experts, advisors, mentors, and companies to innovate and build decentralized applications with the potential of mass adoption. The hackathon was held from 22nd January to 1st March 2021.

Happy to announce Keshav Mundhra from ISE and Manan Vanawat from CSE won 1st place with the cash prize worth USD 1000.


Pachisi is a new take on prediction markets. It focuses on making customers more user centred. It’s a very simple place where users could earn for being right. The traditional prediction markets overwhelming and are not user friendly. Moreover, they require customer to deposit funds with them.


"EthOnline" is biggest International Hackathon in Etherium Ecosystem organized by EthGlobal. Vitalik Buterin, Co-founder of Etherium witnessed the event. There was 500+ participants from around the world. It was a 3-week hackathon, from 1st October to 21st October 2020 Mr. Keshav M of 5th Semester, Dept of Information Science and Engineering won a bounty with a cash prize USD 1000

Project: Decentralised social network which demonstrates a cool UX feature that lets users pay gasfee in any erc20 token.

Spark University Hackathon – An International Hackathon

The Spark Hackathon conducted on 1st September 2020 for university developers and hackers to build a blockchain project.

Mr. Sarang Parikh ranked third place with prize of 500 Pounds and 300 Filecoin Tokens in the challenge “Build a system for storing and verifying scientific or other research data on Filecoin”. These 300 Filecoin will be used to continue the project which is worth upwards of 6000 USD.

Decentral Hacks

It is a community-driven hackathon that spans over an entire week and encourages developing blockchain centric solutions that can affect social good, especially in fields like FinTech, Healthcare and education.

Mr. Keshav Mundra, 2nd year student awarded Best Dapp on Matic network. He built Dapp using Ethereum blockchain and ipfs to handle and store all important documents and certificates.

Protecting Privacy Virtual International Hackathon

"Protecting Privacy Virtual International Hackathon” was organized by Maker/Near Proto/ Gitcoin, USA which aims to build a wide range of privacy-focused projects to help its users protect data/ money in the face of increasing surveillance by both state and corporate actors. Hackathon was witnessed by more than 1000+ Students/Professionals.

Mr. Sarang Parik, 4th Year ISE student has won

  • Grand Prize under Maker track
  • Best Fed Hack under Near Protocol track

He has been awarded with cash prize of USD 2500

MIT Bitcoin Expo 2020

Mr. Sarang Parikh, 4th year student has India in MIT-Bitcoin Expo 2020 (Annual Bitcoin and Blockchain conference) held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US. The conference and hackathon is the most prestigious moment for bitcoin and blockchain community.

Mr.Sarang Parikh had to undergo a rigorous stringent evaluation process during the competition, being one among 100+ most talented participants across the world. He was one among only 4 students selected from India, other selected candidates were from IITB, DTU and VIT, who were provided with scholarship to participate.

Indian Team proposed a solution "Zero Knowledge Box - For provable identity without revealing private information" and emerged as the winner under the Infrastructure Track with a Prize money USD2500.

UC Berkeley- CalHacks

Mr. Yash Jaiswal of 2nd Year ISE won Grand Prize in International Hackathon “CalHackshack:now” a Hackathon organised by UC Berkeley, a 36-hours online international-level hackathon with a theme COVID-19. Participants were from industry and reputed Institutions/Universities from all over the world.

His team built a platform for reliable information dissemination to the masses by implementing an NLP-based IVR chatbot (similar to an Alexa which could be hosted on a phone number). Through this the user can dial the phone number and talk to the chatbot instead of the conventional ways where a Chatbot is hosted on a mobile or web app.

Team was declared winner of the Grand prize with a cash prize of $400, under the Community track.

National Level Student Achievements:

Smart India Hackathon- 2020

It is a glorious moment for NMIT and the Department of Information Science & Engineering.

This is the 4th consecutive year our students have proved themselves to capable of winning the award in Prestigious National Level Hackathon organized by Govt. of India.

2nd Year students of ISE emerged as Winners under Amazon Web Services (AWS) Track. They have been awarded a cash prize of INR 1 Lakh.

Our students have developed health monitoring platform for Elderly, specially-abled, and kids using multi-spot and multi-level geofencing, crowdsourcing, and Image processing algorithms backed with assistive technologies.


Student Names





1. Mr. Yash Jaiswal

2. Mr. Shubham Saini

3. Ms. Pooja Rai

4. Mr. Vivek

5. Ms. Sowmya

5. Srivastava

Smart India Hackathon 2020

Health Monitoring Platform

August 2020


1. Mr. ShreySitapara

2. Mr. Pratyush Sharma

3. Mr. Vaibhav Chaurasia

4. Mr. Alini Christ Paul

Business hackathon, Rotary Club Bengaluru. Won First Place with cash prize of Rs 40,000.

Increasing the profit margin for the farmers using recent technology like image processing and IoT

March 7th to 8th 2020


1. Mr. Kalpan Mukherjee

2. Mr. Rajesh Hegde

3. Mr. Thribhuvan Gupta S

Won First Place in OnLoad is an annual

36hrs hackathon

(VVCE, Mysuru)


February 28th to March 1st 2020


1. Mr. Yash Jaiswal

2. Mr. Shubham Saini

3. Mr. Sagar Mohan

4. Mr. Vivek Kumar

National level Hackathon Contest – SYND INNOVATE

Winner: 1st runners up Prize Amount: Rs. 2 lakhs

Syndicate Circles

September 28th 2019


Mr. Sarang Parikh

ETH India – Asia’s biggest Ethereum hackathon held in Bengaluru

Winner: 1st Place

Prize amount: 1,700$(USD) and 3 ETH(Cryptocurrency)

Privacy in Blockchain using proof Mechanism

August 2nd to 4th 2019


Mr. Sarang Parikh

India Dapp Fest 2019

Winner: 1st Place

Prize amount: 50,000


July 2019


1. Mr. Sarang Parikh

2. Ms. Swathi R

3. Ms. Deeptha M

4. Mr. Amith K K

Unisys Cloud 20-20

Topic: Winner: 1st Place

Prize amount: 2,00,000


April 6th 2019


1. Mr. Yatahnvesh Bharadwaj

2. Mr. Navneeth

Codiecon 2019

Winner: First runners up

Prize amount: 1,25,000

Trust score predictive for SME Loan Lending

March 12th 2019


1. Mr. Anurag

2. Mr. Rachet M

3. Mr. Sagar M

The Bigbot League 2019 held at Infosys campus, Bengaluru.

a. Professional track:

Winner: 1st prize 1.5 lakhs

b. Amateur track

Winner: 1st prize 75,000

Automated BOT

March 9th 2019


1. Mr. Sundaram Shandliya

2. Mr. Sarang Parikh

DHFL Fintech challenge 2019

Winner:2nd Place

Prize amount: 1,00,000

One touch SOS button for finding nearest Ambulance services and hospitals

March 6th 2019


1. Mr. Sarang Parikh

2. Mr. Amith K K

3. Mr. Abrajyoti

4. Mr. Yash

5. Ms. Deeptha M

Smart India Hackathon 2019

Winner:1st Place

Prize amount: 50,000

Road Runner App

March 2nd and 3rd 2019


1. Mr. Sarang Parikh

2. Mr. Shrey A

3. Mr. Anoop P

4. Mr. Gaurav

NMIT – CSE HACKATHON partnership with Skillenza 2018-19

Winner:2nd Place

Prize amount: 15,000+Progate subscription

Medical Prescription


24th 2019


1. Ms. Deeptha M

2. Mr. Eshwar S

3. Mr. Abhishek Chunamari

NMIT – CSE HACKATHON partnership with Skillenza 2018-19

Winner:3rd Place

Prize amount: 10,000+Progate subscription

Placement Predictor


24th 2019


1. Mr. Sarang Parikh

2. Mr. Amith K K

3. Mr. Sundaram Shandliya

4. Ms. Rashmitha S

Smart Odisha Hackathon 2018 (36hr Hackathon)

Winner: Second Runner Up- Across all Seven Sectors Combined (All India)

Prize Amount: 90,000

GeoHealth-Medicine supply chain and health awareness System


13th – 14th



1. Mr. Sabari Prabaaker R

2. Mr. PranithHengavalli

3. Ms. Priyanka S

4. Ms. Deivanai

ACCENTURE INNOVATION CHALLENGE 2018 under Innovate for Society category

Winner:1st Place

Prize Amount:1,00,000

VR based Glucoma Detection

October 24th 2018


Mr. Sarang Parikh

Consensys India Blockchain Hackathon

Prize Amount:75,000


July 15th 2018


Mr. Sabari Prabaaker R

3M-CII Young Innovators Challenge Awards 2018

Special Recognition –YoungImpactInnovator

StreamIt, Low cost portable dishwasher for street vendors

July 12th 2018


1. Mr. Sarang Parikh

2. Mr. Sundaram Shandliya


Won First Place with cash Prize: Rs. 1 Lakh

S-Pay Secure payment mode through NFC

May 26th 2018


1. Mr. Sarang Parikh

2. Mr. Shai Sundar

3. Mr. Amith K K

4. Mr. Keerthana T

5. Ms. Niharika M R

6. Ms. Vyshnavi R

Smart India Hackathon 2018

Won First Runner Up

Prize amount won: Rs. 75,000

Urban Mobility

March 30th -31st



1. Mr. Sabari Prabaaker R

2. Mr. PranithHengavalli

3. Ms. Priyanka S

4. Ms. Deivanai

Empresario (part of Ges – global entrepreneurship summit), IIT Kharagpur Education system with biofeedback mechanism for mentally disabled children

Award: innovative product in India.




1. Mr. Sabari Prabaaker R

2. Mr. PranithHengavalli

3. Ms. Priyanka S

4. Ms. Deivanai

Carl Zeiss hackathon A bi Nation Hack (India and Germany)

Price amount 1 lakh

Glucoma Detection

January 20th – 21st, 2018


1. Ms. Harshitha T K

2. Ms. M.FarhanaMobin

Participated in Eighth ISSS International

Conference on Smart Materials, Structures &Systems and won the

Best Project Award with cash prize of Rs. 15,000/- and published paper under ISSS forum.

Cloud based Data Analysis and Monitoring of Smart Multi-level Irrigation System using IoT

July 5th -7th , 2017


Mr. Arjun Kini

IoT Innovation Challenge 2017, by NASSCOM at Sri Sairam College of Engineering, Chennai
Prize amount won: Rs. 20,000

Predictive Anomaly tracker for railways using IoT

September 15th, 2017


1. 1. Mr. Sarang Parikh

2. 2. Mr. Shai Sundar

3. 3. Ms. Keerthana T

4. 4. Mr. Amith K K

Google Developer Group Hackathon, Held at Krishna College, Tamilnadu.

IoT Pod

August 2017


1. 1. Mr. Sabari Prabaaker R

2. 2. Mr. PranithHengavalli

3. 3. Ms. Priyanka S

4. 4. Mr. Aditya Sethi

5. 5. Ms. Deivanai A

GIISC-Reimagine Waste 2, Hackathon Held at CPDM IISc Bangalore
1st Place
Prize Money: Rs. 75000/-

A low-cost dish washer to encourage street vendors to use reusable cutlery

August 2017

Winners of Rotary club Business Hackathon 20
Winners of OnLoad Hackathon20
SYND-Innovate Winners
India Dapp Fest Winner
Winners of Unisys Cloud 20-20
Winners of Bigbot League 2019
Winners of Smart India Hackathon 2019
Winners of Accenture Innovation Challenge 2019
Consensys Winner
3M-CII Young Innovators Challenge Awards 2018 Special Award

Extra-Curricular Activities

Mr. Setu Satya (2013-17 Batch) commissioned as Lt. At Indian Military Academy on Saturday 7th December 2019 at Dehradun.

Cultural Achievements

Winners of SAARANG 2020’ at IIT Chennai
Winners of Kalanjali 2019