Dr. P.K. Dash

Qualification: ME, Ph.D, FIE, FAESI, MAIAA, MASME

Designation: Professor and HOD DOJ : 01/06/18

Area of Interest: Propulsion, Composite materials and Space Engineering


Dr. P.N. Tengli

Qualification: BE, MBA, Ph.D (Mechanical Engineering, Management)

Designation: Advisor (Prof.)

Experience: Director & Ex- Scientist ‘G’ – Aeronautical System Cluster Lab DRDO, 33 years in DRDO, HAL- Aerospace

Area of Interest:Aerospace and Aeronautical systems production, Rocket Propulsion and Missile Applications

Dr. Achintya Krishna Sarkar

Qualification: Ph.D(IISc, Bangalore),, B.Tech(IIT-Kgp)

Experience: Ex- Scientist ‘G’, DRDL, 35 years of experience in R&D


Area of Interest: Flight Dynamics, Control Guidance & Estimation of Flight Vehicles.

Phone: +91-9490748628

Dr. Sangram Keshari Samal

Qualification: Ph.D., AeSI

Designation: Associate Professor

Area of Interest: Fluid Mechanics


Phone: +91-7008323684

Dr. Srikanth H. V.

Qualification: M.Tech, Ph.D

Designation:Associate Professor DOJ : 13/08/13

Area of Interest: Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Turbo-machines, Aircraft Propulsion, Biofuels


Dr. Vinayaka N.

Qualification: B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D.

Designation:Associate Professor DOJ : 04/08/17

Area of Interest: Aero Engines, Rotor Dynamics, FEM , Vibrations.


Phone: +91-9902385846

Mr. Mahendra M.A.

Qualification: B.E.(Mech), M.Tech(Aero) VTU, (Ph.D.)

Designation:Assistant Professor DOJ : 10/08/12

Area of Interest: Aircraft Structures, Aerodynamics, Shape Memory Alloys


Mr. Siddalingappa P.K.

Qualification: B.E., M. Tech (Aeronautical Engg)

Designation:Assistant Professor DOJ : 19/01/15

Area of Interest: Aerodynamics, CFD


Mr. Vinod L.

Qualification: B.E., M. Tech (Aeronautical Engg)

Designation:Assistant Professor DOJ : 11/02/15

Area of Interest: Aerodynamics, Structures


Mr. Prashant Manvi

Qualification: BE(Aeronautical Engg), M.Sc (Engineering)

Designation:Assistant Professor DOJ : 25/07/16

Area of Interest: Aircraft stability & control, Aircraft performance, Flight testing, Composite materials


Mr. Sridhar K.

Qualification: M.E (Aeronautical Engineering)

Designation:Assistant professor DOJ : 25/07/16

Area of Interest: Aircraft structures, Vibrations


Mr. Santosh Hosur

Qualification: M.Tech.

Designation:Assistant Professor DOJ : 01/03/17

Area of Interest: Propulsion, Heat Transfer and Computational Fluid Dynamics


Mr.Suthan R.

Qualification: M.E. Aeronautical Engg

Designation:Assistant Professor DOJ : 08/11/17

Area of Interest: Propulsion, Gas Dynamics, Rockets & Space Mechanics


Mr. Gandham Ram Vishal

Qualification: B.E.(Aero), M.Tech ( Aerospace), (Ph.D.)

Designation:Assistant professor DOJ : 22/10/18

Area of Interest: Aircraft Structures, Composites


Phone: +91-9676141747

Mr. Nikhil Madduri

Qualification: M.S(University of Wurzburg, Germany), B.Tech (IITK)

Experience: Ex- Scientist, ADA(Ministry of Defense)

Designation:Assistant professor

Area of Interest: Space Engineering, Flight Dynamics