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Twin Nano Satellite Project to Prove Inter Satellite Communication and De-Orbiting mechanism

STUDSAT-1 inspired students at NMIT and other institutes to take up the challenge of designing and building STUDSAT-2. This second satellite provides excellent learning opportunities for students and faculty members.

The Project STUDSAT 2 is being executed by a consortium of colleges, ISRO and few research agencies. The leadership is provided by Dr. S Sandya Prof & HOD, ECE, NMIT.

Project STUDSAT-2 is India's First Twin Nano Satellite Mission which will demonstrate Inter-Satellite Communication. STUDSAT-2 hosts three payloads comprising of a CMOS image sensor for earth imaging, Inter-Satellite Link (ISL) for Inter-Satellite Communication between the two Nano Satellites and a drag sail mechanism to de-orbit the satellite after mission life.

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