Title of Workshop/Conference


About the program

Coordinator: Prof. Dr.  Jharna  Majumdar
1. A four days workshop on Haptic Arm and Legged Mobile botix March 2014 Conducted by Technophilia Systems
2. A two days workshop on Android February 2014 IIT Bombay
3. A three days workshop on Aero Modeling February 2014 The Aerotix Super Challenge organized by Aerotix in association with Conscientia’ 14, IIST, Trivandrum
4. A One day workshop on Intellectual Property Rights May 2013 Resource Persons: Mr. C N Shashidhara, Asst. Controller of Patents and Designs
Mr. O Prasad Rao, Asst. Controller of Patents and Designs
5. A Five days workshop on Advances in Wireless Sensor Networks with Hands-on May 2013 Resource Persons from various reputed Industries and Research Organizations which includes IISc, DRDO,CISCO, SRM Research Lab, NITK etc.
6. Four days workshop on "ARM – Cortex M3 Programming and Interface" NMIT Bangalore October 2012 and October 2012 Lecturer: Dr. Sadanand Gulwadi, Dr. Jharna Majumdar
7. Two Days Workshop on ARM Controller Nov 2011 Lecturer: Dr. Sadanand Gulwadi, Dr. Nithin Awasthi
8. Workshop on 'Industrial Robotics', NMIT Bangalore March 2010 Lecturers: Dr. Jharna Majumdar, Project Director and Scientists of Robotics CAIR, DRDO
9. Hands on Workshop on ‘DSP & Embedded Systems’, NMIT Bangalore January-February 2010 Lecturers: Dr. Jharna Majumdar, Prof. Amlan Chakraborty, Saitech Industries
10. Workshop on ‘Micro/ Nano Science and Technology’, NMIT Bangalore July 2009 Lecturers:Dr. V K Aatre and Team from IISc Bangalore