Important Recognition

Center for Nanomaterials and MEMS at NMIT has successfully completed coordination of two National MEMS community chip. We are currently coordinating the next community MEMS chip.

MEMS devices fabricated by NMIT under the community Chip

Directional Microphone
Thermal Actuator
MEMS Varactor
MEMS Micromotor

Mr. Rudresha K J has successfully design, fabricated and characterized a novel MEMS Accelerometer under INUP programme at IISc

MEMS Accelerometer

Major Equipment in the Center

Spin Coater
RF / DC Sputtering System
E-Beam Evaporation System
Thermal Evaporation System
Electrochemical Analyser
UV Visible Spectroscopy
Corona Poling Unit
Solar Simulator
Hall Effect
Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Tubular Chemical Vapor Deposition System
Magnetic Stirrer
Hot air Oven
Muffle Furnace