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MEMS Sensor Design and Fabrication

The National MEMS Design Center (NMDC) was setup at NMIT in 2010-11. Under this scheme, NPMASS supplied four different CAD Tools for the design and simulation of MEMS sensor.

In 2012-2013, NMDC, NMIT became a Nodal Centre for Design and correction of MEMS Devices for the Community Chip Fabrication.

The MEMS Center of Excellence has facilities to design devices such as a MEMS thermal Actuator, MEMS Varactor and MEMS Micromotor. Images of these devices are given below.

MEMS Varactor
MEMS Micromotor

To fabricate nanoparticles and thin films the Center has the following equipment.

Vacuum Coating system

Chemical vapour deposition

Overview of Facility

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