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MEMS Sensor Design and Fabrication

Fabrication on Acoustic Sensor

Mr. Rudresha K.J. Asst. Prof. of ECE Dept and Coordinator in Center for Nanomaterials and MEMS at NMIT attended the hands-on workshop at CeNSE IISc (in 2014) under the Indian NanoUser's Program (INUP). His proposal on fabrication, packaging and characterization of acoustic sensor is accepted by IISc and the same will be soon be fabricated. The device that will be fabricated is novel in that it has three wafer bonding process. This is the first time that IISc is fabricating a device of this type.

In 2014-2015 : Initiative from NMIT to become the nodal center for the consortium of colleges post NPMASS sponsorship
  • A proposal by Mr. Rudresha K.J, titled "SAW biosensor based on pvdf thin film and znonano particles - nanorods" for the PSG Nano challenge-2015 has been accepted for the next level
Current Activities
  • Saw biosensor based on pvdf thin film and zno nanoparticles: Mr. Rudresha K.J
    Biosensor based on PVDF thin film and ZnO nanoparticles (Nanorods) for pathogen detection which can be used for agricultural applications.
  • Design and Simulation of MEMS vibration sensor : Mr. Rudresha K.J
    This sensor can be used for sensing and monitoring the health of any equipment.
  • Design and Simulation of MEMS Directional Microphone:Ms. Veda Sandeep Nagaraja
    This sensor can be used to detect the direction of an acoustic signal. Its applications vary from consumer products to medical equipment and also defence applications.
  • Piezoelectric Acoustic MEMS Sensor based Electrical Machines Condition Monitoring: Ms. Vasudha Hegde
    The effects of diaphragm design parameters on the sensitivity of acoustic sensor used for condition monitoring purpose are being studied
  • Thermal Simulation of FCBGA Package with Heat Sink: Mr. RudraNaik
    In a modern IC design, the capability of predicting the temperature profile is critically important as well as cooling and related thermal problems are the principal challenges. To address these challenges, thermal analysis must be embedded within IC synthesis.
  Comb Drive Structure using SOIMUMPs Process
Parallel Plate Structure using PolyMUMPs Process  
  Circular Diaphragm Square Diaphragm  
    Temperature profile | Power v/s Temperature  

 NMIT staff who have undergone Hands-on training at INUP IISc.

  • Ms. Veda Sandeep Nagaraja, MEMS Microphone, 2011
  • Ms. Vasudha Hegde, Energy Harvesting, 2012
  • Mr. Rudresha K.J, Sensor for Conditional Monitoring , 2014.

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