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The department has highly qualified and competent faculty members who are very strong in their area of expertise. Many faculty members are involved in research and pursuing their Doctorate (PhD). Successful implementation of Outcome Based ...

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To build a strong research and teaching environment in the field of Information Technology to meet the ever evolving global needs and to equip students with the latest knowledge, skills and practical orientation ...

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This project aims at virtualization of currency supported by finger print authentication in place of Credit cards & ATM/Debit cards. We assure them a secured cloud service for all the transactions which will be updated in real time ...

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Departmental Forum


Íignis Innovations Lab is a campus venture of Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore. The lab is founded by the students and faculty of the Department of Information Science and Engineering. We are proud to inform you of the inauguration of the lab on 9 October 2017.

Íignis Innovations Lab is the brainchild of two faculty members of the Department of Information Science and Engineering and three students of the same department who dared to dream and saw potential to create a work-study program on Campus for the betterment of society. Íignis started off with a few projects developed by students working as paid internships. One project “NotesApp” is a step towards digital revolution which the Government of India encourages. The other project inculcates in students the love for technology. Íignis is also in the prototyping stage of a new technology.

Sangyartham, which means ‘Collaborative progress’, is the techno-cultural wing of the Department of Information Science. Both UG & PG students and Faculty of the department are actively involved in the activities organized through this forum. The department has been extremely supportive, both in terms of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, making Sangyartham one of the college’s most vibrant department associations today. Following forums were formed to improve the Practical/Inter-personal Skills.

Information Science Task Force – ITF

ITF is a student driven body mentored by faculty with the mission of "Learn, Collaborate and Prosper".The main aim of the ITF is to provide the platform to the students to excel in emerging areas.

  • The objectives of ITF are:
    • To provide early exposure for the students in the selected area.
    • To enhance domain specific practical skills by arranging hands-on training.
    • To develop domain specific product for the society this will enable the students to participate in International/ National/ State Level Competitions.
    • Strengthening overall development of the student by enhancing the skills like lifelong learning, Team work and presentation.
  • Domains in ITF are:
    • IoT (Internet of Things)
    • Android App Development
    • Web Development
    • Cloud Computing
    • Data Analysis
    • Cyber Security

Information Science Cultural Society –ICS

The ICS aims at harnessing all round talents of each student of the department. It serves as a platform for students to showcase their innate abilities.

  • The objectives of the ICS are:
    • To provide students with a platform to showcase their talents which are not necessarily in the field of technology.
    • To help students develop a competent edge over their cultural strengths and enhance their knowledge in their respective areas of expertise.
    • To acknowledge each and every student’s innate abilities to help them live up to the placement requirements and other obstacles the competent world has to offer.
  • Activities under ICS are:
    • Lit Forum
    • GD and JAM
    • Music and Dance
    • Elocution and Debate
    • Creative writing and Position paper drafting
    • Colloquium

Following activities were conducted for the year 2015-16:

  • Technical Talks by Experts from reputed Industries / R & D organizations.
  • Hands on training/Workshops in the emerging areas.
  • Technical events such as Paper presentation, Technical Quiz, on spot Programming, Technical Debate, Student Colloquium talk, Hackathon etc.
  • Non-Technical events such as Cricket, Tennis, Tug of war, Lagori, Kabbadi, Video Games, Nail art, Back heal penalty etc.
  • Fresher’s/Farewell/Teachers day.
  • Publishing of Departmental Bi-Annual Newsletter “INFORIUM”.


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