NMIT provides In-campus Hostels for both boys and girls with 1689 capacity. Twin sharing rooms are available for 1st year students. Second year onwards boys may opt for twin sharing or four sharing rooms. The hostel mess operates on 'no-profit-no-loss' basis. Students are served both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

In-house wardens and the assistant wardens take care of the needs of students and help maintaining discipline in the hostel.

Hostel Capacity

Girls Hostel
Hostel Students Per Room Total Capacity
Netravathi 2 200
Kumaradhara 2 320
Total 520
Boys Hostel
Hostel Students Per Room Total Capacity
Souparnika 2 320
Nandini 4 303
Kaveri 2 203
Shambhavi 4 303
NSAM 4 40
Total 1169


Other Facilities:

Contact Details

NMIT Hostels
Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology,
P.O. Box 6429, Yelahanka,
Bengaluru- 560064.
Phone: 080-22167800

Wardens and Care Takers

Name Phone Number
Capt. Rajesh N. 080-22167825 Chief Warden
Dr. Srilatha Rao 9900407008 Warden- Girls Hostels
Mr. N. Srinivas 9611494607 Warden - Boys Hostels
Ms. Sneha Shetty 9620 0646 84 Warden - Girls Hostels
Mr. Krishnananda Rao 8197501761 Caretaker - Nandaini Boys Hostel
Mr. Nikhil 7259070623 Caretaker - Souparnika Boys Hostel
Mr. Kartik 9008930787 Caretaker - Shambhavi Boys Hostel
Mr.Ganesh 7353362311 Caretaker – Kaveri Boys Hostel
Mr.Rahimuddin Choudhury 8095360904 NSAM Hostel