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Capt. Rajesh Nandalike
Company Commander,1(2) COY,
1Karnataka Signal Regiment NCC
Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, P.O. Box 6429, Yelahanka, Bangalore 560064.
Ph: 080-2216782, 9448912098

Red Cross Society

The Youth Red Cross wing of the college was inaugurated in 2006. Youth represent a significant percentage of the total membership of the Red Cross. Through the Red Cross young volunteers help address the needs of the most vulnerable people within their local communities. The Youth Red Cross focuses on the following areas:

  • Promoting life and health through training and education on safety, primary health care and healthy living
  • Encouraging community service through training and education
  • Disseminating the seven fundamental principles of Red Cross and Red Crescent movement through activities that encourage the Red Cross ideals
  • Promoting international friendship through activities that cultivate a humanitarian spirit

Providing technical support in the development of youth programmes, fund-raising, identification of material and human resources

The youth unit helps young people get recognized as leaders of Society and as equal partners who address the needs of the most vulnerable.

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