ERCICA 2018 - About NMIT

About the Organizing Institution

Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology (NMIT) is an Autonomous Institution approved by University Grants Commission (UGC), Government of India and affiliated to the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), and Accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) under Tier-1 status and Grade-‘A’ status by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC-UGC). NMIT is the youngest Engineering college in the country to be conferred the prestigious Autonomous Status by UGC/Govt. of Karnataka, New-Delhi in the year 2007.

Highlights of the Institution

  • Autonomous Institution completed 10 years of journey in providing quality engineering and technical education.
  • Is the only unaided private engineering college in Karnataka State selected by Govt. of India for World Bank funding under subcomponent 1.1 of TEQIP (Technical Education Quality Improvement Program).
  • Has a strong focus on Excellence in Education, Research and Promotion of Entrepreneurship.
  • Industry- Institution Partnership Cell.
  • Technological innovations leading to Patents
  • UG Engineering students actively participating in the execution of research projects in the emerging areas such as Image Processing / Robotics / CFD/STUDSAT etc.
  • Highly qualified faculty - more than 50 Ph.Ds
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell
  • State-of-the-art Laboratories
  • Faculty and Student publications in reputed Journals.

Research and Development Activities in the Institution

Multidisciplinary Research Projects

Robotics Research

Team “ROBOTRONICS” is formed by the group of Professors from departments of Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Computer Science and Information Science and Research Associates and enthusiastic undergraduate students. The projects are funded by a large number of laboratories under Ministry of Defence and Department of Science and Technology. A number of robots are already developed by the team and the team received IEEE Annual Award 2010. A robot developed by the student team under the sponsorship of IEEE USA is installed in the Birla Science Centre, Hyderabad as a permanent exhibit. The project is coordinated by Dr. Jharna Majumdar, Former Sc G DRDO and currently Dean R & D, NMIT.

Satellite Research

STUDSAT (STUDent SATellite), a student-initiated satellite project of PICO category, first time designed and developed in the country by group of undergraduate students. The Pico Satellite, weighing less than 1 Kg, with payload as CMOS camera took off the LEO orbit from Sriharikota on July 2010 with CARTOSAT in PSLV Launch Vehicle, Team of Students received Large no. of International and National Award and Research Papers. One of the worth mentioning award is the Hans Von Muldaeu Award at the International Astronomical Confgress–2008, Glasgow, UK. The project is coordinated by Dr. Jharna Majumdar, Former Sc G DRDO and currently Dean R & D, NMIT.

Nitte Amateur Satellite Tracking Centre (NASTRAC) developed by a team of students from NMIT under the guidance of Dr. Jharna Majumdar is a patent by her and the first Tracking Station of Small Satellites developed in the country. Currently the team is involved in the project STUDSAT-2, the design and development of a twin Nano-satellite to demonstrate the innovative technology ie. inter satellite communication, again first time in the country.


Project 1: Detection of Horizon in MAV Images
Project 2: Computer Vision Based Horizon Detection of Micro Air Vehicle Video and Estimation of Attitude from Horizon Vision
Project 3: Development of Video Processing techniques for removal of image perturbations
Project 4: Development of algorithms for fusion of multisensory, multispectral, multifocus imagery
Project 5: Industrial Robot Automation
Project 6: Door Sensing Mobile Robot
Project 7:  Articulated 5 DOF Pick and Place Robot
Project 8: Student Satellite Project
Project 9: STUDSAT (STUDent SATellite) – 2 To design, develop and Fabrication of Twin Satellites with CMOS sensor, GPS. Thrusters and Inter-Satellite communication
Project 10: Design and Development of Robot Mechanisms, Vision and Control
Project 11: Development of a Real Time Human Tracking Capability on a mobile platform
Project 12: Multiplexing of speech video & data over Fiber Optic Link
Project: 13: Door Sending Mobile Robot
Project 14: Luminance Based Lighting control
Project 15: Pico hydro system
Project 16: MEMS microphone
Project 17: Polymer MEMS
Project 18: Neural Networks Image compression
Project 19: Modernization and communication lab
Project 20: Setting up of national MEMS design centre
Project 21: Modeling and analysis of fluid behavior in centrifugal casting
Project 22: Numerical simulation of complex flows with laminar to turbulent transition
Project 23: Fabrication of two wheel drive bike
Project 24: Kinetic  energy recovery system for two wheelers
Project 25: Modeling and simulation of transition flow
Project 26: Harvesting energy from the vibrations of an automobile engine using Piezo-Ceramic crystals.
Project 27: Design and Modeling of VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing Vehicle)
Project 28: Framework for Dynamic Resource Allocation & Efficient Scheduling Strategies to Enable Cloud for HPC Applications.
Project 29: Efficient Searching Framework for Large Scale Databases on Distributed Environment(For KPTCL Load Dispatch Center).
Project 30: Educational Cloud: Cloud Based Learning Platform.
Project 31: Solutions to Back Door Viruses.
Project 32: NODU Project.
Project 33: Synthesis, spectral and crystal studies of some benzamides and their biological activities.
Project 34: A generalized mathematical modeling of separation process by membrane filtration with effects of membrance flouting.
Project 35: Impact of urbanization on viability of PACS located in periurban areas, and adaptation strategies.
Project 36: Cryptanalysis of stream and block cipher using optimization heuristic techniques.

  • “A Pick and Place Robot with Innovative vision System”, Designed and developed by Robotics Group NMIT.
  • Dr. Jharna Majumdar and team, “Ground Station to Track Satellites in Low Earth Orbit – NASTRAC, 2010”
  • Dr. Jharna majumdar and team, “Computer Vision based Horizon Detection for an aerial vehicle on Field programmable Gate Arrays, 2010”.
  • Dr. Chirag Sharma, “Infinite impulse response multiplierless digital filter architecture” – United Stated of America - #7289558
  • Dr. Chirag Sharma, “Reflectometry test system using a sliding psudeo-noise reference” - United Stated of America - #7548079
Organizing Departments
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Master of Computer Applications
NMIT College, Bangalore
Dr. H C Nagaraj,Ph.D IIIT-M PRINCIPAL-NMIT, Bangalore
Dr. Jharna Majumdhar,DEAN R&D, NMIT, BANGALORE
Mr. Rohit Punja Administrator, Nitte Education Trust