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Technical Committee

Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology

Technical Programme Committee

  1. Dr. P. G. Mukunda,Mechanical Engineering, NMIT, Bengaluru

  2. Dr. Sekhar Majumdar,Mechanical Engineering, NMIT, Bengaluru

  3. Dr. P. B. Shetty,Mechanical Engineering, NMIT, Bengaluru

  4. Dr. Seetharamu. S,Mechanical Engineering, NMIT, Bengaluru

  5. Dr. B. K. Muralidhara,Mechanical Engineering, NMIT, Bengaluru

  6. Dr. Kiran Aithal S,Mechanical Engineering, NMIT, Bengaluru

  7. Dr. Desai Gowda,Mechanical Engineering, NMIT, Bengaluru

  8. Dr. Madhusudhan,Mechanical Engineering, NMIT, Bengaluru

  9. Dr. Vidyavathi N,Civil Engineering, NMIT, Bengaluru

  10. Dr. Ramesh B. R,Civil Engineering, NMIT, Bengaluru

  11. Dr. Durga Prasad,Civil Engineering, NMIT, Bengaluru

  12. Mr.Vinayak,Civil Engineering, NMIT, Bengaluru

Technical Review Committee

  1. Dr.Sundararajan Natarajan,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT-Madras

  2. Dr.Viswanath Chinthapenta,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT-Hyderabad

  3. Dr. Arunachalam N,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT- Madras

  4. Dr. K.V.Gangadharan,Department of Mechanical Engineering,NIT-K

  5. Dr. P. Jeyraj,Department of Mechanical Engineering,NIT-K

  6. Dr. Ajay Kumar Yadav,Department of Mechanical Engineering,NIT-K

  7. Dr. Vishal V. R. Nandigana,IIT-Madras

  8. Dr. GC. Mohan Kumar,Department of Mechanical Engineering,NIT-K

  9. Dr. Ranjith,Department of Mechanical Engineering,NIT-K

  10. Dr. Arumuga Perumal,Department of Mechanical Engineering,NIT-K

  11. Dr. Kumar GN,Department of Mechanical Engineering,NITK

  12. Dr. Pradeep Kumar,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT-Roorke

  13. Dr. S. Kanmani Subbu,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT-Pallakad

  14. Dr. Abhijit Mishra,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT-Gandhinagar

  15. Dr. Amith Arora,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT-Gandhinagar

  16. Dr. Chandrashekar Jog,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IISc

  17. Dr. Debashis Khan,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT-Bhubaneshwar

  18. Mr. Srinivasa Rao,Department of Mechanical Engineering,ISRO

  19. Dr. Nagendra Reddy,Department of Mechanical Engineering,NIT-Kurukshetra

  20. Dr. R.Thirumaleswara Naik,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IISc,Bangalore

  21. Dr. Koushik Viswanathan,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IISc,Bangalore

  22. Dr. Sharanappa Joladarashi,Department of Mechanical Engineering,Surtahkal

  23. Dr. H.S.N.Murthy,Department of Aerospace Engineering,IITM

  24. Dr. K.Bhaskar,Department of Aerospace Engineering,IITM

  25. Chandrika Prakash Vyasarayani,Department of Aerospace Engineering,IIT Hyderabad

  26. A.K. Ghosh,Department of Aerospace Engineering,IIT Kanpur

  27. P. M. Mohite,Department of Aerospace Engineering,IIT Kanpur

  28. Ishan Sharma,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT Kanpur

  29. Arnab Roy,I.I.T. Kharagpur,Department of Aerospace Engineering

  30. Dr. Tapas Kumar Nandi,Cryogenic Engineering,I.I.T. Kharagpur

  31. Dr. R. S. Pant,Department of Aerospace Engineering,IIT Bombay

  32. Prof. Prabhu Ramachandran,Department of Aerospace Engineering,IIT Bombay

  33. Ujjwal K. Saha,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT Delhi

  34. Dr. S. Gopalakrishnan,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IISc

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