ERCAM 2017

International Conference on Emerging Research in Civil, Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering

July 21– 22, Yelahanka, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Last date of paper submission is extended to: 25th March 2017.     Papers authored by Research Scholars/PG Students taht are selected for Poster Presentation will be charged only RS,.2000/- per paper.     College with more than 5 papers wil be given a discount of Rs.1000/- per paper.

Research and Development

To promote multidisciplinary research, NMIT has established five State-of-the-Art Centres of Excellence on Small Satellite; Robotics; Nanomaterials & MEMS; Design Engineering and Process Simulation; Computational Fluid Dynamics. Some of the R&D facilities at NMIT are shown below in figure 2 and a brief about the each Centers of Excellence is as follows.

The Centre for Small Satellite Research (CSSR) is recognized by the ISRO to undertake collaborative research on space technology and satellite development. NMIT has led a consortium of seven engineering colleges that designed and built STUDSAT-1 (STUDent SATellite) – a satellite of PICO category. This Satellite performs remote sensing and image capturing of the earth. It was launched by ISRO's PSLV-C15 at Sriharikota on July 2010 and is listed in the Limca book of records. Students are now designing and developing STUDSAT-2 which is India's first Twin Nano Satellite. This satellite will demonstrate Inter-Satellite Communication and the Drag-sail mechanism. The Institute has also established the NITTE Amateur Satellite Tracking Centre (NASTRAC) which is a ground station that tracks and receives data from other satellites of VHF and UHF range. The CSSR has a patent on Amateur Satellite Tracking and Communication System

The Centre for Robotics Research (CRR) promotes multi-disciplinary research in engineering. The CRR has undertaken several sponsored research projects from sponsoring agencies such as DST, DRDO, CAIR, VGST, IEEE, etc. The CRR has also signed MOUs with National Design & Research Forum (NDRF) and Korean Institute of Science & Technology (KIST) for collaborative research. At CRR, the faculty and students from various engineering departments have indigenously developed several robots such as wheeled mobile robots for indoor and outdoor applications, Humanoid Robotic Head (Android), Hexapod Mobile Robot, Fixed serial industrial manipulators, etc. The Centre offers “Robotics Engineering-LEGO Mindstorms and TETRIX” which is a state-of the art open elective & hands on course. The research at the Centre has resulted in filing of patents and publication of research papers in several peer reviewed national/International Journals and conferences.

The Centre for Nanomaterials and MEMS (CNM) works in collaboration with the National MEMS Design Centre and with support and guidance from Professors at CeNSE and ECE Departments of IISc Bangalore. The CNM focuses on research in areas of nano- material synthesis, thin film deposition and MEMS device solution. CNM serves as the nodal centre for MEMS Devices for Community Chip Fabrication. It has filed two patents for work related to MEMS Directional Microphone and Biosensors based on thin films and nano- particles. This Centre will provide necessary expertise and facilities to the proposed incubatees in the areas of sensor development for Agriculture and Healthcare.

The Centre for Design Engineering and Process Simulations (CDEPS) at NMIT offers industrial design solutions to create mechanical, automotive and aero products through tools such as CATIA, SIMULIA and DELIMIA of Dassault Systems. Faculty and students working at CDEPS have executed projects on Ergonomics for vehicle design, engineering optimization, tool design, structural and thermal analysis, robotics-static, kinematic, dynamic analysis and task simulation.

The Centre for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CCFD) is equipped with many grid generation and flow solution software and post-processing facilities. The Centre facilitates research in the areas of Aerodynamics for Aircrafts / Automobiles, Flow through Rotating Fluid Machines like Propellers and Wind Turbines and Conjugate Heat Transfer Problems of industry.

Multidisciplinary Research Projects

Robotics Research

Team “ROBOTRONICS” is formed by the group of Professors from departments of Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Computer Science and Information Science and Research Associates and enthusiastic undergraduate students. The projects are funded by a large number of laboratories under Ministry of Defence and Department of Science and Technology. A number of robots are already developed by the team and the team received IEEE Annual Award 2010. A robot developed by the student team under the sponsorship of IEEE USA is installed in the Birla Science Centre, Hyderabad as a permanent exhibit. The project is coordinated by Dr. Jharna Majumdar, Former Sc G DRDO and currently Dean R & D, NMIT.

Satellite Research

STUDSAT (STUDent SATellite), a student-initiated satellite project of PICO category, first time designed and developed in the country by group of undergraduate students. The Pico Satellite, weighing less than 1 Kg, with payload as CMOS camera took off the LEO orbit from Sriharikota on July 2010 with CARTOSAT in PSLV Launch Vehicle, Team of Students received large no. of International and National Award and Research Papers.  One of the worth mentioning award is the Hans Von Muldaeu Award at the International Astronomical Confgress–2008, Glasgow, UK. The project is coordinated by Dr. Jharna Majumdar, Former Sc G DRDO and currently Dean R & D, NMIT.

Nitte Amateur Satellite Tracking Centre (NASTRAC) developed by a team of students from NMIT under the guidance of Dr. Jharna Majumdar is a patent by her and the first Tracking Station of Small Satellites developed in the country.


Currently the team is involved in the project STUDSAT-2, the design and development of a twin Nano-satellite to demonstrate the innovative technology ie. Inter satellite communication, again first time in the country.

Important announcement

Important Dates

Last Date of Paper Submission:
25th April 2017

Last Date of Paper Acceptance Notification:
30th April 2017

Submission of revised paper/ CR paper:
15th May 2017

Conference Dates: 21st – 22nd July 2017


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