Infrastructure facilities

The department of Mechanical Engineering has well furnished class rooms, seminar hall equipped with audio–visual facilities, laboratories equipped with state-of-art equipment, departmental computer center with internet connectivity and air-conditioned laboratory for computer aided drawing.

Laboratory Infrastructure

Basic Workshop
Fitting vices with tables
Welding Transformer set
Surface Plate
Fitting tools

Material Testing

Universal Testing Machine Fatigue Testing Machine Wear Testing Machine Impact Testing Machine Vickers and Brinell Harness Testing Machine

Rockwell Harness Testing
Torsion Harness Testing
Metallurgical Microscope

Foundry & Forging Laboratory

Salt bath Furness,
Heat Treatment Furness,
Oil Fired Furness ,
Muffle Furness


75 High end Computers with Ansys 10,
Autodesk Inventor-7,
Solid Edge Software packages

Metrology & Measurement Lab

Calibration of Pressure Gauge, Thermocouple,
LVDT, Load cell, Strain Gauge
Optical Projector/ tool maker microscope
Bevel Projector, Autocollimator
Tool Dynamometer

Machine Shop

Lathes, Vertical Milling Machines
Horizontal Milling Machines
Grinding Machines
Surface Grinding Machine
Radial drilling Machine
Power Hacksaw Machine
Bench Grinder, Surface Plate

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Orifice Meter
Friction through Pipe
Reciprocating Pump
Centrifugal Pump
Pelton Wheel Francis Turbine
Kaplan Turbine
Flow Through Nozzle Meter
Impact of Jets Vanes

I C Engines Lab

Air compressor
Blower test rig
Petrol Engine Test Rig
Boy’s Gas Calorimeter
Diesel Engine (Generated Coupled)
Computerized IC Engine Valve Timing diagram Rig
Mechanically Loaded Petrol Engine Redwood Viscometer
Louis Thomson Calorimeter

Heat Transfer Lab

Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod
Drop and Film vice condensation
Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger
Vapor Compression Refrigeration
Pin Fin Apparatus
Natural Convention
Emissivity apparatus
Vapor Compressed Air-conditioning Test Rig

Design Lab

Strain Gauge Indicator
Balancing Test Equipment
Journal Bearing
Governor Apparatus
Polaris cope
Pressure Control System
Torsion of Shaft
Whirling of Shaft

Advanced Manufacturing Science Lab

Wear Testing Machine
Centrifugal casting
Centrifuge casting
Melting furnace
Stir casting
Electronic Tensometer
Computerized Wear Tester
Image Analyser

Department Library

Other than Institution Library the department has separate library which has more than 1000 text books, reference books, conference proceedings, audio/video CDs, etc.