To become a top-notch management institute recognized internationally for its excellence in creation of an intellectual capital of high thinking management professionals, entrepreneurs and socially responsible citizens.


Program Educational Objectives

PEO 1. Post Graduate students of the program will contribute to the creation, transmission and application of knowledge in the field of management.
PEO 2. Post Graduate students of the program will be equipped with quantitative and qualitative skills to identify, analyze, design and create business opportunities in a global dynamic environment. 
PEO 3. Post Graduates of the program will acquire necessary managerial skills to think strategically and to lead, motivate and manage teams thereby enhancing managerial effectiveness.
PEO 4. Post Graduates of the program will be able to implement corporate governance and societal values in the real life situation with professional ethics.


Graduates of the MBA program will have :

PO-1: Post graduate students will be able to acquire in-depth knowledge of Management discipline, including wider and global perspectives, with an ability to discriminate, evaluate, analyze and synthesize existing and new knowledge, and integration of the same for enhancement of knowledge. (Academic result & International / global reach)

PO-2: Post graduate students will be able to analyze complex business problems critically, apply independent judgment for synthesizing information to make intellectual and/or creative advances for conducting research in a wider theoretical, practical and policy context. (Research and Innovation)

PO-3: Post graduate students will be able to think laterally and originally, conceptualize and solve managerial problems, evaluate a wide range of potential solutions for those problems and arrive at feasible, optimal solutions after considering public health and safety, cultural, societal and environmental factors in the core areas of expertise at the national and international levels. (International / global reach)

PO-4: Post graduate students will be able to extract information pertinent to unfamiliar industry issues through literature survey and experiments, apply appropriate research methodologies, techniques and tools, design, conduct survey, analyze and interpret data, demonstrate higher order skill and view things in a broader perspective, submit a report about the study in management. (Practical managerial analytical skills, & Industry interaction).

PO-5: Post Graduate students will demonstrate ability to understand management in multifunctional areas like Marketing, Finance, HR, Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management. Also they will be able to demonstrate ability to understand and derive meaningful inferences about organizational performance. (Functional Specialization)

PO-6: Post graduates will possess knowledge and understanding of group dynamics, recognise opportunities and contribute positively to collaborative-multidisciplinary management research, demonstrate a capacity for self-management and teamwork, decision-making based on open-mindedness, objectivity and rational analysis in order to achieve common goals and further the learning of themselves as well as others. (Team Work)

PO-7: Postgraduates will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of management principles and apply the same to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, manage projects in the work environment efficiently in respective disciplines and multidisciplinary environments after considering the economical and financial factors. (Industry interaction)

PO-8: Postgraduates will communicate with the managerial community and with society at large, regarding complex managerial activities confidently and effectively, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation by adhering to appropriate standards, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions. Also they will demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively, both in writing and orally (Speaking / Writing skills).

PO-9: Post-graduates will recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in life-long learning independently, with a high level of enthusiasm and commitment to improve knowledge and competence continuously. (Continuing education awareness).

PO-10: Postgraduates will acquire professional and intellectual integrity, professional code of conduct, ethics of research and scholarship, consideration of the impact of research outcomes on professional practices and an understanding of responsibility to contribute to the community for sustainable development of society. (Values, ethics, professional integrity and contribution to society).

PO-11: Postgraduates will observe and examine critically the outcomes of one’s actions and make corrective measures subsequently, and learn from mistakes without depending on external feedback. ( Independent and Reflective Learning)

PO-12: Postgraduates will identify a timely opportunity and using business innovation to pursue that opportunity to create value and wealth for the betterment of the individual and society at large. (Successful career, immediate employment & entrepreneurship)