Faculty Publications during the period 2015-2017

Dr. S. Harish Babu
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Prof. N. Kiran Kumar

Dr. B. Janakiraman


Sl. No. Authors Title Details of Publications (Name of the Journal, Vol., No., Month, Year, Page No.) Impact Factor of the Journal and Number of Citations
1 Mr. Y.M.Satish
Turnaround Strategy using Altman Model as a tool in solar water heater industry in Karnataka. International Journal of Business Management,
Vol. 6, No. 1; January 2011, page no 199-206


Impact of Technology on Leadership Style : Analysis Using “Least Preferred Coworker” (LPC)

International Journal of Driving the Economy through Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Page No. 447 to 458



Sl. No. Authors Title Details of Publications (Name of the Journal, Vol., No., Month, Year, Page No.) Publisher/Society and Number of Citations
1 Mrs. Mohite Trupti Ramachandra,
Mr. Y.M.Satish,
Option trading strategies for different market conditions for hedging the portfolio and trading for profits Indian Journal of Finance, Volume 4, No.9, September 2010, Page no 34-46.  
2 Mrs. Shubha Muralidhar Change – A paradigm shift Training and Management, 54, Dec. 2006  
3 Mrs. Shubha Muralidhar Time Mgmt – A Tool for Success and Productivity Training and Management, Oct 2007  
4 B.Janakiram &
Mr.Vijay N.Rao
Self-monitoring as a predictor of Leadership Style Flex and Leadership Monograph, April 2004  

Dr.B.Janakiram Rating of NGOs involved in SHFs Land Bank Journal, Issue III March 99 KSCARDB
6 Dr.B.Janakiram Strategies of Deposit Mobilisation in Banks Land Bank Journal, Issue II Jan 99 KSCARDB
7 Dr.B.Janakiram Financing of Fruits and Vegetables Processing – Co-operative Perspective Vol. 34, Land Bank Journal Apr-Jun 99 KSCARDB
8 Dr.B.Janakiram Motivational Analysis of Behaviour (MAO-B) in banks Vol. 35, Land Bank Journal July-Sept 99 KSCARDB
9 Dr.B.Janakiram Agencies Involved in Development of Non Farm Sector The Banker
Dec 98.

Text Books / Monographs published

Sl. No. Authors Title Publisher and Edition Year
Dr.B.Janakiram &
Mrs.Rizwana. M
Entrepreneurship Development-Text and Cases Excel books ,1st Edition 2011
Dr.B.Janakiram, Dr.P.V.Raveendra & Mrs. Shubha Muralidhar Change and Knowledge Management Biztantra, 1st edition 2010
Dr. B Janakiram
Mr.Vijay N Rao
“Management & Behavioural Processes” Excel Books, I Edition 2010
Dr. B. Janakiraman Management and Entrepreneurship Excel Books 2009
Dr. B. Janakiraman Training and Development Wiley India 2007
Dr. B. Janakiraman &
Dr. R. K. Gopal
Total Quality Management PHI 2006
Dr. B. Janakiraman & Prof. S. P. Srinivasan International Financial Management Biztantra – Wiley

Dr. Jayasmita Rath

Dr. Senthil Kumar

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Prof. Shilpa Ajay

Malini T. N

Asst. Prof., Department of Management Studies
Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology
Bangalore – 64

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Paper published in International journal

Published a paper in an international journal on “Ethical HR issues faced by The Indian SME Garment sector: An empirical study”, with ISSN 2320-9704 an impact factor 0.615, volume2 , Issue 11, Nov 2014

Paper Published in National journal

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Chapter contribution in the area of Human Resource Management on “Compensation & benefits” for the book titled Advance Management Practices in Business published from an international publisher with an ISBN mark

  1. Published a paper titled “Why GST for India-need and challenges for the success of GST in India, Vol.2, ISSUE-7, Page Nos. 22-25, Year of Publication July-Aug 2015, ISSN-2349-3607 (online) 2349-4824 (print)

Nayana Shrinivas Desai
  1. Tiger Trafficking and Abuse – A Case of Tiger Temple of Thailand/ International Journal of Current Agricultural Sciences/ Vol.6/Issue.6/2016/ISSN: 2277-1026
  2. Significance of Employee Contributions (in Kannada)/ Business Guru /September/2015
  3. Regular Business quiz columnist in Business Guru Kannada magazine.