Post Graduate program offered in Electronics and Communication engineering department are in two streams.

Over the past couple of years, as we transit from being affiliated to VTU, to being autonomous, the learning environment provided to students has improved. PG students are getting more opportunities to gain exposure to world-class Industries and also to premier research Institutes. While some students do projects in companies like Reliance Jio in domains like better spectrum utilization, other students do projects in DRDO labs in domains like advanced communication systems, configurable antennas, etc. Nearly half of the students have got opportunities to pursue their research-oriented projects in the Indian Institute of Science – working in cutting-edge technologies like the Tactile Internet (beyond Internet of Things), Satellite Image processing, Face / Full-body recognition, Machine learning, Semiconductor fabrication, etc.

Apart from all this, there are facilities and guidance available in-house to help those students who are working in domains like Software Defined Radio, Networking, etc. To support this requirement, we have high-end tools like HFSS, Matlab with all the advanced toolkits, Cadence tools, etc.

The future holds great promise for students in the ECE department, resulting in greater prospects for both industry-readiness and research.