The faculty and students of the department demonstrate innovation in their projects and other academic activities. Students take up innovative mini-projects during the summer vacations. A total of 90 patents have been filed by faculty and students of the department.

The department is innovative in its teaching approach. One recent example of innovation is the introduction of a Robotics Engineering course in a true multi-disciplinary environment. This course is first of its kind in an Engineering Institute in the country. This course offers a hands-on approach for students & faculty members from different engineering discipline to engage in an active teaching & learning experience based on experimentation and exploration. The course is being offered to 3rd & 4th semester students across all under graduate disciplines.

Smart Bins

This project is about making a dustbin smart. The bin has two features that make it smart. The lid opens when an object is sensed near the lid and it indicates when the bin is full. It also notifies the user whether the waste is dry or wet, and also shows how full or empty the bin is. This project is a small part of Smart Waste Management and many more aspects are yet to be integrated to the same.

Work on Smart Bins is carried out by Sanjana Biradar, Sandhya S.N, Rini Lilly John and Rakesh B.R of 6th Sem CSE under the guidance of Dr. M N Thippeswamy, Prof & HoD of Computer Science and Engineering Department and Devesh Kiran Hegde.

Project on Drones

Drone racing is a sport where in pilots compete with each other by flying through obstacles and getting the best lap time. A racing drone is a very fast and acrobatic aircraft which is remotely piloted with the help of a FPV system. The drone comprises of 2300kv Cobra motors, 20 Amp DYS electronic speed controllers, Xracer flight controller, a power distribution board and a FPV system. A project on drones is carried out by Devesh Kiran Hegde, Abhishek and Dhanush Manangi under the guidance of Dr. M N Thippeswamy, Prof & HoD of Computer Science and Engineering Department. For videos click here


Another outcome of innovation is the Centre for Robotics Research (CRR). This Center is funded by VGST. The equipment at the CRR includes a Rapid Prototype Machine (3D Printer).

Shri S R Patil, Minister for Planning and Statistics, IT, BT, Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka handing over the first Installment of VGST Grant to Dr. H C Nagaraj, Principal, NMIT and Dr. Jharna Majumdar, Dean R&D and Program Coordinator of the Project on April 4 2015.