The Civil Engineering department has 24 faculty members with a few having Doctorate degrees in Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering and in Geology. The dedicated faculty members are from various fields of Civil Engineering with specialization in Structural Engineering, PSc Structures, Construction Technology & management, Geotechnical Engineering, Engineering, Highway Engineering, Water Resource Engineering, Environmental Engineering and so on. The civil Engineering department is privileged with professors having more than a decade of industrial exposure, and few are closely associated with industry.

The department has excellent facilities/teaching aids for effective teaching – learning process. The spacious class rooms have audio visual equipments. The department also has well equipped laboratories for material testing, surveying, CAD, environmental studies, concrete and highway work, Geotechnical work, Hydraulic & Machineries and Geology.

Material Testing Lab

The Material Testing laboratory is equipped with instruments such as Universal testing machine (100 tonnes capacity), Compression testing Machine, Hardness testing machines and Impact testing machines. This laboratory is used for quality control measures of civil engineering materials.

Surveying Lab

The Surveying laboratory has Total Stations, Theodolites, Dumpy Levels, Prismatic Compasses, Plane Table equipments, Digital Planimeter and other equipment. In this laboratory, students execute irrigation projects, Highway projects, new tank projects, water supply and sanitation.


The CAD laboratory of the Dept. of Civil Engg., has been equipped with 42 nos. desktop computers, Laser Printers, LCD Projectors, Internet and LAN Connection, multi-user licenses for software such as AutoCAD, Etabs, ANSYS and STAAD Pro. Students use these softwars for the design and analysis of structures. The lab also has UPS - 10KVA+ 20 batteries facility.

Environmental Lab

The Environmental laboratory is equipped with instruments such as pH meter, spectrophotometer, flame photometer, COD and BOD equipments jar test apparatus. In this laboratory, students learn about water quality analysis and waste water treatment and management.

Concrete And Highway Lab

The Concrete and Highway laboratory has compression testing machines, flow test tables, slump test equipment, abrasion testing machines, Marshall stability test equipment, Vicat apparatus and much more. Students use this laboratory for quality control testing of concrete and highway materials which are using in construction industry.

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

The Geotechnical Engineering laboratory is equipped with triaxial testing equipment, direct shear test equipment, vane shear test equipment, CBR test equipment, compaction test equipment, core cutters, sieves, permeability test apparatus and other equipment. Students use this laboratory to study fundamental properties of soil to assess parameters such as the safe bearing capacity of soil and CBR values pertaining to strengthening of the soil.

Hydraulic and Machineries Lab

The Hydraulic and Machineries laboratory is equipped with the Francis Turbine, Kaplan turbine, Impact of jet on Vanes, Wears, Flow through Pipes and other equipment. This laboratory is used to study the hydraulic properties of water pertaining to water resource engineering.

Geology Laborotory

This laboratory is equipped with samples of rocks and minerals specimens, models and charts. This laboratory is used to study the properties of rock and minerals.