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The Computer Science and Engineering department was established in 2001. The objective of the department is to educate, train and develop world class research and IT professionals.

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To be a center of excellence in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, imparting sustainable quality education along with ethical values.

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A gamut of innovative projects, which are funded by various state and research institutions have been accomplished by the Computer Science department...

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Achievements & Awards


Dr. Jharna Majumdar, Dean R & D, Prof. & Head, Dept of CSE (PG) along with Santhosh Kumar K L, Final Year M Tech Student are the proud owners of a patent on “Automatic Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization Method”.  Both are from the Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology.

Invati 2018-Project Exhibition

Show casing the student’s project of the final year to the industries was the main objective and thereby enhancing the project quality as per the need of industry, with this in mind under the guidance of Dr.Thippeswamy M N, Prof. and Head, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Nitte meenakshi Institute of Technology had initiated the concept of Project Exhibition – Invati 2018 and Poster Presentation. The projects spanned various emerging technologies such as Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Big data, Cloud computing, Mobile apps, Neural Network, Wireless Sensor Networks etc.To achieve this the activities carried out are showcasing around 70 projects prepared by students from the department. The projects is critically evaluated by industry and academic experts giving positive feedback to improve quality and value. There were more than 25 experts from various engineering disciplines to judge the projects and based on their evaluation 10 projects were selected as the best projects. The exhibition was witnessed by Dr H C Nagaraj, Principal Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology Prof. K A Ranganatha Setty, Dr.Jharna Majumdar Dean R&D, NMIT.The projects were reviewed and ranked by a specially appointed committee from industry and academicians. 

Students Demonstrating Projects in Invati 2018  

  • Dr. Thippeswamy MN Aakash Sunil, Ashray V Joshi, A Spandana, filed patent on “Smart Shopping Cart System Using Android Things” with application Number 201841033894 on 10/09/2018.
  • Dr. K Venkatesh, Dr. Thippeswamy MN, Dr. Nalini N, Mr. Chethan D Chavan , Jeffrey Sam Joseph, Khanita Taskeen, Nireeksha BK, filed patent on “Navigation Assistance And Collision Avoidance For The Visually Impaired” with application Number 201841033897 on 10/09/2018.
  • Dr. Venkatesh K is a Expert Committee member for PDR presentation for Integrated Avionics Display Computer Project of CSIR-NAL which was held on December 2018.
  • Dr. Nalini N has been awarded as Innovative Young Researcher- Internet of Things by IJRULA and RULA Awards 12/11/2018.
  • Mr. Mohan B A was awarded his Ph.D. degree in September 2018, from VTU, Belgaum. He has carried out his work under the supervision of Dr. Sarojadevi H. His research area was in the field of “Energy Efficient Hybrid Protocols for Routing in Wireless Sensor Network”
  • Dr. Nalini N is presented with Best Professor in Computer Science & Engineering by Dewang Mehta National Education Awards(Regional Round) in the year 2018.
  • Dr. Thippeswamy M N, Dr. Ramachandra A, Mr. Ramesh Naidu, Mr. Dankan Gowda K were the Resource Persons for the 3 day Faculty development program “On Hand Training in Excel” for the faculty members of Dr. NSAM First Grade College held from 26th July 2018- 28th July 2018 organised by Dr. NSAM First Grade College, Bangalore.
    Dr.Thippeswamy M N Prof. and Head ,Department of CSE interacting with Participants  

    Dr. Thippeswamy M N, Dr. Ramachandra A as Resource Persons for the workshop  

  • Dr. Nalini N elected as one of the Managing Committee-Member of CSI-Bangalore Chapter for the year 2018-19.
  • Dr Nalini N, Session Chair for 3 rd international Conference on “Emerging Research in Electronics, Computer Science and Technology” held at P.E.S College of Engineering, Mandya in the Month of August 2018
  • Dr. Nalini N and Dr. Nagaraj S R,Patent filed on Thefted vehicle identification system.
  • Dr. Sarojadevi and Dr. Mohan B A, Patent filed on A Middleware implementation of interconnecting medical devices using HL.
  • Mrs. Vijaya Shetty S has been awarded with PhD (VTU) in March 2018. She has carried out her work under the supervision of Dr. Sarojadevi H. Her research area was in the field of “A Framework for Performance Analysis of  Transaction Processing systems”.
  • Dr. Sarojadevi H has been awarded the “Best Faculty of the year” under sub category Published Research at the CSI TechNext India 2018.
  • Dr. Saroja Devi H has been chosen for “Bharat JyotiPuraskar” January 2018.
  • Mr. Nagaraj S R has been awarded with PhD (Mysore University) in November 2017. He has carried out his work under the supervision of Dr. Nalini N. His research area was in the field of “Performance Analysis of Congestion Control Techniques for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks”
  • Dr Thippeswamy M N, Abhishta R Aithal, Devesh kiran Hedge, Dhanush M Manangi and Darshith S filed Patent titled “Fire Surveillance Drone” with application number E-2/1106/ 2017-CHE on 24/04/2017.
  • Dr Thippeswamy M N, A M Lohit, Haashitha P, Anil Kumar Kushwah and Ishita Roy filed Patent titled “Smart Voting System Using Internet of Things (IoT)” with application number E-2/1107/ 2017-CHE on 24/04/2017.
  • Dr Thippeswamy M N, Anupam Pavithran, Jayalakshmi E, Meghana G and Monish N filed Patent titled “Patient Critical Parameter Monitoring and Alerting using Internet of Things (IoT)” with application number E-2/1108/ 2017-CHE on 24/04/2017.
  • Dr Thippeswamy M N, Dr. Venkatesh K Sriharsha BS,Zabiullah,Yash S filed patent on "Smart Parking System With Fee Management Using Internet Of Things” with application no: E-2/17780/2017-CHE on 09/05/2017
  • Ms. Meenakshi has completed NPTEL online course on “Introduction to R software” with the score of 79%.
  • Mrs Meenakshi, successfully completed an on-line course on “Map Reduce and Yarn” offered by the Big Data University, July 2017.
  • “DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR” –Awarded to Dr.NALINI.N, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology by TechNext India 2017 in association with Computer Society of India-CSI, Mumbai Chapter on 14-15 Jan 2017 at IIT-Mumbai.
  • Archana Naik has completed the course with Distinction on “Big Data and analytics” from 26th Sept 2016 to 2nd Oct 2016, conducted by Phigital Insights, Bangalore.
  • Dr. Nalini. N, Professor, Department of CSE received Dr. Abdul Kalam Life Time Achievement National Award, in Dec 2014 by International Institute for Social and Economic Reforms®, Bangalore, For Achievements in the field of Teaching, Research, Publications and Administration
  • IBNC certificate/ Recognition -Certificate of appreciation awarded to Dr.Nalini N in recognition for outstanding efforts and support shown in making India’s biggest networking championship a grand success held in association with ACES-ACM-IIT, Delhi on Cloud Computing conducted by I-Media Solutions (P) Ltd held at NMIT as part of ANANDYANTA Technical Fest, FEB 2015.
  • Satish E.G., Received Best Paper Presentation Award for Presenting the Technical Paper “Node Detection and Countermeasure to improve Reliability in Cloud Networks” in International Conference on Communication and Computing ICC-2015 on 9th to 11th july 2015.Published in McGrawHill Education organized by Alpha College of Engineering,Bangalore.
  • Thathva Sri Sai Reddy Y,Sreehari S ,P Sujith Bhatt Smriti P Manay Smruti A Yaligar won the first place in SRM Hackathon in the ZED Digital transportation track with a prize money 1.8 Lakhs (awarded through internship) on 12/10/2018
  • Meghana S, Sindhu H, Deepika K N and Viddya (NMIT Women Throwball Team) Secured 1st in VTU Inter zone Throw ball tournament held in NMIT on 12/10/2018
  • Varunshikha Vinay Taekwondo National Referee at Goa State Taekwondo championship 2018 held on 30/08/2018 to 2/09/2018
  • Meghana S, Sindhu H and Deepika K N (NMIT Women Volleyball Team) Secured 1st position in B S Narayan Memorial state level inter engineering college tournament held at BMSCE on 24/08/2018
  • Agnel Joby (NMIT Men Football Team) secured 1st position in B S Narayan Memorial state level inter engineering college tournament held at BMSCE on 24/08/2018.
  • Rakshitha D and Sandhya S N won 2nd place and 3rd place respectively in Technical paper presentation organized by Katalyst , in JP Morgan chase Company, on 9/11/2018.
  • Uday from Sangarsh won 1st place in street play with a Certificate of Excellence from Drama School of Mumbai and Muskan Chaudhary, Simran Maurya, Yashas from Jhankaar won 2nd place in dance at waves 2018.
  • Chethan Kumar was Refree for the event Karate held at Kerala on Oct 2018.
  • Swachh Bharat Awareness Program by Kavya R,Sanju Y B, Shreyas S S, Swaroop S under the guidance of Dr. Thippeswamy M N have conducted Awareness Campaigns, Street Play, Door-To-Door Visits, School Level Rallies, Wall Painting, Street Cleaning in Hesaragatta Village, Bangalore under Swachh Bharat Summer Internship(Central Government).
    Dr. Thippeswamy M N Prof and Head, Department of CSE with Students in Swachh Bharat Awareness Program
  • Ashwin Colaco, Aswin Prasad, Shritej Reddy and Hemant Rakesh from CSE were among Top 5 from 700 teams all over India( Traffic lights are controlled by a smart system) in the month July 2018.
  • Narendra Saket from CSE did Internship at IIT, Kanpur on Performance evaluation of cryptographic Algorithms and successfully presented his project in the month of July 2018.
  • Bivav did internship at Impel Labs Pvt. Ltd and developed s projects like Face Recognition System, Meet the Doctor App, Ad Company SDK, RecoTap SDK, Apache JMeter.
  • Akhil V & Anusha H V Completed the internship in NDSU, USA.
  • Akhil V Recognized for achievement i n the project on Asset Monitoring Using IoT and Blockchain, in CSE at NDSU, USA.
  • Akhil V won 2nd prize in National IoT innovation Challenge Sept 2017
  • Sushmita Benal and Surabhi A from 6th sem Winners in western group singing held in St.Joseph’s College(Autonomous), Visages’18 National level Socio- cultural Fest on March 5th 2018
  • Sangamesh Biradar and Nikhil K C from 6th sem won 2nd Place at TCS Tech Bytes Regional Level held at Tumkur on 15th March 2018
  • Muskhan Chaudhary from 2nd sem won 1st place in Theme dance (Natya) event ,nrityanjali, National Dance Fest, held at Kristu Jayanti College,(Autonomus),Bangalore on 3rd February 2018,
  • Ajeet Kumar, Adith Jose E A,  Kapil Kumar and Abhishek R Malvadkar from 4th sem have won the Best paper award entitled "Automatic Arduino-Controlled Garbage Collector" at ICRIEECME-2018 , Pune, on January 28th, 2018 under the guidance of Mrs. Nirmala J S.Namita Saunshi and Rakshitha D from 6th sem won the second place in fashion show at BMSCE, Bangalore organized by Katalyst on 26th January 2018.
  • Ashika HR from 6th sem won first place in Group Singing and Group Dance at BMSCE, Bangalore organized by Katalyst on 26th January 2018.
  • Sindhu H,Meghana S,Deepika K N and Tejaswini from 6th and 4th sem are the winners of Women’s Throwball organized by Nitte kreedotsava, Nitte University, Mangalore on 24th and 25th January 2018.
  • Neha from 2nd sem won 3rd place in the event Poetry Slam at Lasya fest held on 13th January, 2018 at Jain University
  • Deepti Bhat and Akashy S Alumni of CSE have presented their paper entitled “IoT Based Automated Car Maintenance Assist” in the sixth International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI),held from 13-16 September 2017, Manipal University, Manipal, India
  • Sirish & Abhishek B R Alumni CSE have got placed in Nutanix with the package of 13 Lakh PA
  • Sajal Kulshreshtha Alumni of CSE has been Ranked JUO in his outstanding performance and everlasting contribution as a NCC Cadet in the year April 2017
  • Satyajeet Sahoo from CSE is awarded Star of the week and ranked first out of 3000 participants from Bangalore, for his Exemplary Behavior and Academic Excellence in his Assessment of Java & Oracle Training conducted by rcpl(Inspire to Aspire) with Partners like NASSCOM, HP, Microsoft, ORACLE, AUTODESK, Rockwell Automation.
  • Sneha, Dixit Singh,Banshi from CSE have won 1st place in Street Play at Utsav 2017 conducted at BMSCE,Bangalore, won 1st place in Street Play at the event of Halcyon 2017 in SIT,Tumkur and won 3rd place in Street Play at Lasya 2107-#throwback,Oraganized by Jain University-Center for management Studies.
  • Narendra Saket, from CSE has completed project in Italy on ANALYSIS OF HUMAN FLOW AND HUMAN DETECTION during his internship from June to July 2017 in universita di degli studi di roma.
  • Narendra Saket, from CSE has won 2nd place in kalanjali football tournament, 2nd place in bmsce football tournament, 1st place in vtu north zone football, 1st place in vtu inter zone football.
  • Banshi Vishnoi has won 3rd place in MIME organized at New Horizon Engineering College in September 2017.
  • Sudarshana A S (7th Sem CSE Student) Has shown extra-ordinary efforts by winning MEGA Competition at "Biped Robot Workshop" and "Quadcopter Workshop" with the Position Respectively 1st and 2nd Organized by Robokart in association with Innovation Cell UMIC, IIT Bombay. This is prestigious win given that 18 teams and 90+ students are competed in the Competition.
  • Sudarshana A S & Mukesh Chandra Sah (7th Sem CSE Student) has shown extra-ordinary efforts in participating and winning second prize in the event Project Exhibition by designing “Accelerometer based hand gesture controlled Robot” at the TECH FEST –SEAONOCS 2017 held on 7th& 8th April 2017 organized by Dept of Electronics and Communication Engineering, S E A College of Engineering & Technology, Bangalore.
  • Abhishek BR, Aniketh M,Hari Venkata Deepak from department of CSE, has developed an Application for Real-time Bus Rerouting(increase asset for utilization efficiency for a bus system) for Nokia Innovation Day on 15th October 2016, Bangalore.
  • Peter Hudson, Aakash Sunil, Lalith Pratap Naidu from 5thsemester CSE has developed Application for Alcohol detection system in Vehicles, for Nokia Innovation Day on 15th October 2016, Bangalore.
  • Multi-Model Mobility project is carried out by Giridhar N R, B N Abhinava, Ghanavanth V and Akshay Bharadway K H of 6th Sem CSE under the guidance of Dr. M N Thippeswamy, Prof & HoD of Computer Science and Engineering Department and Sandeep R K, Senior Employee of Nokia Communication   Bangalore.
  • Two of our Alumni Mr. Rajnarayan Dutta and Mr. Sameer Desai have brought laurels to NMIT by winning the State Finals TCS Tech Bytes quiz contest organized by the Board for IT Education Standards and Tata Consultancy Services,2015 and the Regional level Information Technology Quiz organized by TCS Tech Bytes in the month of March 2016 and March 2017
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