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The Civil Engineering department has highly qualified and competent faculty members who are known for their area of expertize. Many faculty members are engaged in research activities and pursuing a Doctorate program (PhD).

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To be one among the topnotch Civil Engineering departments in India, create Centre of Excellence, to provide globally competent Civil Engineering graduates serving the needs of the society and sustainable development..

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Civil Engineering Graduates will be able to take up Challenging roles in industry to become successful Entrepreneurs. Civil Engineering Graduates will engage themselves in lifelong learning by taking up ..

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Doctoral Programs

The area in which the Faculty members are pursued / pursuing their PhD are as follows.

  • Reliability based approach for evaluation of MSW landfill designs and site selection using GIS - Dr. Santhosh L G
  • Knowledge and Auto Integration of risk problems in structural engineering using Bayesian Networks - Dr. Durga Prasad
  • Development of a web based information system with Geo spatial techniques for solid waste & Biomedical waste management in chikkamagalur city - Dr. Shiju Easo John
  • Investigation of Effect Of Different Types Of Aggregates On Optimum Mix Proportioning & Behavior Of Self-Compacting Concrete - Dr. Nagendra R
  • A study on Soil Structure interaction analysis of a cooling tower - Mr. Mahesh Kumar C L
  • An integrated approach towards ground water sustainability and management for urban areas - Mr. Nanjundi Prabhu
  • Thermal Power Plant Waste in Mortar and Concretes as Fine Aggregates - Dr. Bharathi Ganesh
  • Pond Ash – Feasibility of using it as Fine aggregates in concrete - Dr. Pranesh N
  • Bioremediation of Phenolic Compound from Effluents - Dr.Vidhyavathi
  • Geology – Oceanology - Dr.Ramachandra Reddy
  • Removal of Fluoride using Adsorbents - Ms. Rashmi H R
  • C & D waste in Rigid Pavement for Sustainable Road Inrastructure - Ms. Prathima G
  • Geogrids applications for Soil Stabilization - Mr.JaiRaj
  • Effect of Galloping over Transmission Tower - Mr. Shreyas
  • Study on Geopolymer Concrete & its Durability Parameters - Mr.Prashanth N

Other areas of interest are

  • Utilization of industrial wastes in the new construction materials.
  • Flow measurements.
  • Fiber reinforced materials.
  • Prestressed Concretes.
  • Geo-polymer concretes.
  • Soil Structure interaction.
  • Highway Materials.
  • Water resource Engineering.
  • Solid waste management.

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